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Summer!Summer!Summer! March 10, 2009

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I happen to watch together with my soon-to-be four-year old son the second installment of the High School Musical. While I love the songs of the first one (except that one where Gabriela sings a “cheezy” song, solo), the movie breathes in a lot of enthusiasm about that period about to come, SUMMER!

Literally, i want to toss into the air all my grading sheets, exam papers, list of students like what Chad, Gabrieal, Ryan, Troy, etc did at the beginning of the movie and defy Ms. Darbus’ rules and conventions. Summer is indeed here, and I think everyone can already feel the heat despite the occassional rains. And what better way to spend summer but to take that plunge, to do that tour, and to sleep to your heart’s content.

I would say I will surely miss my classes.  The classes included in this blog, Audtheory, ITAudits, BusinessCombi, I should say, are my favorite classes this semester. I think, I also did well, to an extent. Who knows, these might be the only classes that I will have until after five years.

To my students, many thanks for making the experience meaningful. For those who made use of anything accounting and made comments, many thanks for taking the time.  To all of you who made the Accounting 9.1 showcase and the Cebu Educational Tour a success, congratulations.

Till next time.


Project Showcase Guidelines December 19, 2008

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Here are the guidelines of the Accounting 9 Project Showcase 2009:

1. The group will work on assigned business. (This can be existing, imaginary, or prospective.)

2. The group may concentrate on 2 business cycles only – revenue/receipt and purchasing and disbursement.

3.  The group will design an accounting systems on these two cycles, bearing in mind the essential elements of internal control and the “auditability” of the proposed systems.

4.  The following will be the structure of the report:

        Part 1:  Introduction (name of business, nature, history, background; objectives of the study; members of the team; an elaboration of how the paper was structured)

       Part 2:  Revenue and receipt cycle (accounting policies, accounting procedures, flowcharts)

       Part 3:  Purchasing and Disbursement cycle (accounting policies, accounting procedures, flowcharts)

       Part 4:  Value Judgments (Strengths and Weaknesses of the System; Learnings from the Project)

5.  The document must be formatted in the following manner (letter size, garamond size 12, double-spaced, 1 inch margin at all sides, except left hand at 1.5 inch).

A “Touring” Possibility December 3, 2008

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I have initially arranged for the IT audit class to have a tour in Cebu for the different IT establishments, and hopefully a visit one of the auditing firms where a discussion on IT audits from practitioners will be done. Please reply to this message (as a comment) if you are coming or not so we can count the figures. The costs will be minimal, hopefully, and the schedule is after the university days (around the week of Feb 17 to 20, 2009).

Accounting 9 Project Showcase November 29, 2008

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Very recently, Accounting 9.1 class launched the 5th Accounting 9 Project Showcase. The project competition which started several years back before I left for the UK will show the knowledge as well as creative powers of the Auditing Theory class regarding internal control, accounting systems, and auditing (in general) by using either a fictitious or real company as a case study.
This year, the theme of the competition is “Auditing Tourism” and will show the projects of 5 competing groups, each tackling a particular tourism service category – accommodation, food, travel agency, transport, and tourism site. 

Exhibit of projects will be done in February and the best project will receive a cash price.

Comments transferred November 19, 2008

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The comments for week 1 have been transferred as a subpage for each of the subjects.  Every week, this will be done on this site.

Study tips, anyone? November 10, 2008

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A student with an online name Maiah Carey asked for study tips.  Here are some links to study tips sites that are interesting:

For general studies:



For accounting-specific studies:



Schedule from now until prelims November 9, 2008

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A schedule for each of the classes from now until the prelim exams is already posted as a sub-page in each of the course pages.  Please click on the announcement tab in the subpage section located at the upper right hand corner of the page.

Welcome! November 6, 2008

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Welcome to ANYTHINGACCOUNTING, the official academic blog of junior and senior accountancy students of Holy Name University (HNU).  This blog is dedicated to a lively online discussion of the students of Michael Parmisano Canares, an assistant professor for accountancy at HNU’s College of Business and Accountancy.

This blog is purposely created for Accounting 6.1 (Business Combination), Accounting 9.1 (Auditing Theory) and Accounting 11.1 (Information Systems Auditing) students for the second semester of school year 2008-2009, where questions can be asked without fear of shame or retribution, where resources can be accessed less the photocopying costs, and where anything accounting can be discussed for whatever reason.